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These classes are designed specifically for anyone new to yoga. In this supportive and non-competitive environment, students are introduced to concepts and practices. Basic yoga poses, proper alignment, use of props, the benefits of proper breathing, breathing techniques and relaxation are taught and explored. This class will give you the confidence to safely enter a Level 1-2 practice. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Level 1-2

These classes emphasize fundamental yoga techniques (meditation, breathing, physical postures) and explore the energetics of alignment and form in order to improve flexibility and cultivate stamina. Intermediate variations of poses and more challenging class sequences are taught in a safe, effective and supportive way. Level 1-2 classes may also explore the beginning stages of arm balances and inversions. The moderate pace of this class makes it suitable for all levels.

Level 2-3

These classes expand upon the fundamentals and energetics of yoga techniques in order to raise self-awareness and vitality, cultivate inner strength and endurance, and promote deeper levels of concentration and balance for inner awakening. These active and energizing practices explore advanced poses, breathing techniques, energy locks, and more creative and demanding sequences inviting you to discover your potential and play the edge. Level 2-3 classes also explore arm balances and inversions. The intensity of this class makes it suitable for students with at least 6 months of consistent practice.

Mixed Levels

These classes are for anyone with experience in Level 1, 2 or 3 classes. Students are encouraged to practice at their own level in a supportive yet challenging environment. These classes offer a unique and expanded approach to the fundamentals of yoga (meditation, breathing, postures), and invite you to grow through accessible, creative and diverse sequences by incorporating elements of alignment and vinyasa flow.


Restorative yoga is a nurturing and healing practice teaching you relaxation and surrender. This gentle class facilitates the release of deeply held patterns of tension in the physical body, soothes the nervous system, balances emotions and quiets the minds. A handful of poses, which mirror the active poses of a yoga class, are taught with the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks in a peacefully quiet and dimly lit room. The body is fully at rest and open to receive the benefits of these calming and passive forward bends, hip openers, backbends, shoulder openers, and side stretches. This class is beneficial and therapeutic for men and women of all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility, and pregnancy. It is an excellent way to compliment a more vigorous yoga practice or to reduce the stress of an active and busy lifestyle.


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